Protobios LLC (PB) is a private Estonian biotech company established in 2003. With offices and research laboratories located in the campus of Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn Science Park, the SME specialises in molecular diagnostics. It develops innovative technologies in the field of immunology, providing research and diagnotics services for companies and hospitals worldwide. Since 2009, PB has focused on biomarker discovery. Its laboratories - accredited with an ISO 17025 certificate - offers a comprehensive allergen detection service to the food industry. 

With support from Enterprise Estonia, PB is founding member of the biomedical initiatives Medicine Estonia, The Estonian Cell Therapy Cluster, the Estonian HealthTech Cluster and the Competence Centre for Cancer Research.


Role in AIROPico

Applying its experience in high-throughput analysis of humoral immune response, PB contributes in AIROPico to the development of innovative diagnostics and therapies for relevant picornaviruses. PB is also responsible for training activities related to IPR, commercialization and product development.

A further task consists in  establishing the optimal knowledge transfer process from partners to Protobios to speed up the development of new diagnostic tests and novel medes of treatment. 




People involved

Kaia Palm