LOVAH 2016 (Landelijke Organisatie van Aspirant Huisartsen), June 10 2016,Utrecht, the Netherlands

Andrea Bruning contributed an oral talk on "Point-of-care-tests in primary care"


ArcDia's Spring Meeting for Infectious Disease Specialists, May 3 2016, Turku, Finland

Andrea Bruning contributed with the presentation "Detection and monitoring of HBoV1 and CoV infections by mariPOC"


26th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, April 9-12 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Andrea Bruning presented the poster "Detection and monitoring of human Bocavirus 1 infection by a new rapid antigen test"


Virologipäivät - Virology Days 2016, March 17-18 2016, Turku, Finland 

Petri Susi presented an oral talk on "Cytolytic replication and genomic sequencing of echovirus 7". 

James Geraets contributed a poster “Revealing genome organization via graph-theoretical analysis of asymmetric structural data”

Lav Tripathi contributed a poster "Cellular and genome analysis of RIGVIR -echovirus 7 with oncolytic properties"


International symposium on Viral Pathogens. - Organized by Oxford University and the Pasteur Institute, November 24-25 2015, Oxfordshire, UK 

J. Neyts presented a lecture on "Molecular targets to inhibit RNA virus replication". 


Biocentrum Helsinki Science Day, November 10 2015, Helsinki, Finland

Sarah Butcher contributed a lecture on "New perspectives for antiviral therapy"


9th European Meeting on Molecular Diagnostics, October 14-16 2015, Huis ter Duin, Noordwijk, the Netherlands

Petri Susi contributed a poster "Reverse transcription strand invasion based amplification (RT-SIBA) method for rapid detection of human rhinoviruses"


Open Day by the Institute of Biotechnology, October 2nd 2015, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland  

for first year undergraduate students, James Geraets, Ausra Domanska, Shabih Shakeel, Sergei Guiranov and James Evans presented a poster entitled "Visualizing Viruses"


Symposium on Antiviral Therapy of the German Pharmaceutical Society, Düsseldorf, Germany, 23 September 2015.

J. Neyts – Antivirals, a lot has been achieved, yet a long way to go, 


Swedish Society of Virology Annual Meeting, August 20-22 2015, Smögen, Sweden  

Sarah Butcher contributed a keynote lecture on "Structures and Virology"


National Course on Molecular Virology, August19 2015, organized by the National Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics in collaboration with the Swedish Society of Virology, hosted by Linnaeus and Linköping Universities, Smögen, Sweden 

Sarah Butcher contributed a lecture on "Virus structure and how is it studied."


Seili Virus-Host Cell Interactions 2015, August 17-19 2015 Seili, Finland

Sarah Butcher contributed a lecture on "Conserved RNA packaging signals in parechovirus assembly"


Istituto Pasteur – Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti, Dipartimento di Chimica e Tecnologie del Farmaco, Sapienza University, July 23 2015, Rome, Italy 

J. Neyts gave a seminar on "Antivirals, a lot achieved, yet far to go"


ASV 2015 34th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Virology July 11-15 2015 Western University London ON, Canada:

Eveliina Karelehto contributed to the Workshop Picornaviruses with a lecture on Efficient Replication of Human Parechoviruses in a 3D Human Airway Epithelial Culture Model.

Sabine van der Sanden contributed to Workshop Viral Epidemiology with a lecture on Seroprevalence of Human Enterovirus 71 in the Netherlands: are we at risk for Asian outbreak strains?

Lonneke van der Linden contributed to Workshop Viral Epidemiology with a lecture on Rhinovirus Types circulating in Amsterdam from 2007-2012


Gordon Research Conference Viruses and Cells, June 21-26 2015, Melia Golf Vichy Catalan Business and Convention Center Girona, Spain:

Ausra Domanska (UH) presented a poster entitled "Structure of HPeV3 in complex with Fab fragments from monoclonal antibodies"


Gordon Research Conference Three Dimensional electron microscopy, June 21-26 2015, Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH, USA:

Shabih Shakeel presented a poster entitled "Dissecting human Parechovirus structure at near-atomic level"


XXVI Paulo Foundation Symposium entitled “From Atomic Structures to Disease Mechanisms” June 10-12 2015 at Helsinki Congress Paasitorni, Helsinki, Finland: 

James Evans presented a poster entitled "Investigating Parechovirus Protease"

Shabih Shakeel presented a poster entitled "Dissecting human Parechovirus structure at near-atomic level"


XXIV Phage/Virus Assembly Conference June 7-12 2015, Les Diablerets, Switzerland:

Pasi Laurinmäki contributed with a poster on Cryo-EM analysis of two viruses infecting drosophila


DAPS, a meeting of Dutch and Belgian researchers and clinicians working on picornaviruses June 3 2015 at the AMC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

AIROPico was mentioned as Sabine van der Sanden and Eveliina Karelehto presented their talk. In addition the upcoming workshop on the application of human 3D culture models for virus research was advertised


ANRS-HBV Cure Workshop, 19.5.2015, Paris, France

J. Neyts presented a lecture on "Drug discovery in the academic setting and joining forces with industry"


The third CARPE conference, May 17-21 2015, Turku, Finland

Petri Susi contributed a lecture on "Microbiology education and research networking within H2020"


3rd International One Health Congress (Science Policy Interface), 16.03.2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

J. Neyts contributed a lecture on "Antiviral resistance: Following the path of Antibiotics?"


The 87th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society October 15-18 2014, Kyoto, Japan

Petri Susi contributed a lecture on "Human picornaviruses: problems and solutions for rapid diagnostics and therapy"


Early events in virus infection, August 25-28 2014, Ascona, Switzerland

Petri Susi contributed with a poster on "Role of heparan sulfate in cellular infection of integrin-binding coxsackievirus A9 and human parechovirus 1"


EUROPIC 2014 March 9-14 2014, Blankenberge, Belgium

Petri Susi contributed a poster on "Detection of human parechovirus by optimized RT-qPCR method"