The AIROPico research aims to answer the following questions:


How do picornaviruses cause disease?

Can we develop a fast diagnosic test for picornaviruses to quickly identify the specific picornavirus in patient material?

Can we develop therapies against picornavirus infections?


The picornavirus family is a very large virus family. Its members cause a plethora of diseases ranging from the common cold to meningitis. This makes research into how they can cause disease complex and antiviral drug development is currently very limited.

Both poliovirus as well as rhinoviruses (which cause the common cold) belong to the picornavirus family. The historical and ongoing research into human picornaviruses has been predominantly focused on poliovirus. The AIROPico research project will focus on the other family members. 

The main goal of AIROPico is to highlight the relevance of human picornaviruses in an effort to stimulate the development of therapies targeted at these neglected members of the picornavirus family. 

AIROPico is the first EU consortium to join forces on human picornavirus research. Together, this consortium will develop fast, high quality diagnostic tools and therapies against picronaviruses based on a better understanding of the basic biology of infection.