Hope for antivirals againsts parechoviruses:Parechoviruses are medically-relevant human pathogens causing mild to severe infections. Currently there are no vaccines or antivirals against them. The Butcher and Wolthers labs as part of the Airopico consortium have recently published an article in the Journal of Virology (Shakeel et al 2015) providing an atomic model of human parechovirus 1 which was then used to define the epitopes and modes of neutralization for two potential therapeutic antibodies against human parechovirus 1. These human monoclonal antibodies show cross-neutralization against other human parechoviruses as well (Westerhuis et al 2015 J. Virology). The AM18 antibody recognizes arginine-glycine-aspartic acid motif present on viral capsid protein 1 and neutralizes the virus by competing with the cellular receptor which also recognizes the same motif. The AM28 antibody neutralizes by binding to a conformational epitope and blocking the viral RNA release site. This is a first step towards developing therapies against parechoviruses which is one of the long term goals of AIROPico.