WPL: Petri Susi .

—Identification of proteins that can be used for a platform on development of Point of Care (POC) testing. 
Within this workpackage the optimal virus molecules will be identified for protein production and antibody binding. These viral proteins will be used in company-based point of care applications for rapid detection of picornaviruses in clinical samples. The aim is that the specificity of these rapid point of care tests can compete with existing routine picornaviral RT-qPCR tests. Main location: TU.


—Development of picornavirus POC test.

At this time there is no POC test available for picornavirus detection due to the plethora of virus subtypes. Information from WP1 on virus surface epitopes will be used for the development of the POC test which involves coating nanoparticples with viral antigens.  The developed test will be compared to conventional ELISA and the end-product will be sold under the trade name mariPOC®. The consortium will start with the development of a POC test for rhinoviruses and will expand this to other picornaviruses. Main location: ArcDia


Development of fast molecular typing methods.

The available clinical sample collection will be used to develop fast and more sensitive and specific genotyping assays for picornaviruses from clinical samples. Main locations: TIB, TU


—Evaluation of newly developed tests on virus prototypes and on patient samples.

Main location: AMC